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Creating Content in Canada

Vancouver, Canada — Content Creators just returned after a quick 48-hour hop to Canada.

This trip was tricky… It’s not that easy to just load up your gear, board a plane and expect to arrive into another country without any issues.

First tackle… getting your professional equipment through customs.

After a quick inquiry in the TV Freelancers Facebook Group, I was pointed to Boomerang Carnets . Getting a carnet (pronounced “car-ney”) is essential to getting your gear in and out of a foreign country with little to no hassle.

This document acts as a passport for your professional gear and guarantees both countries you won’t sell the gear.

This document not only validates the purpose of your travel, but quickly helps customs officials determine what’s in your boxes (all 65 items were documented on a spreadsheet).

The carnet document is stamped out of the United States, into Canada, out of Canada and then back into the United States.

  • Tuesday, July 23 I activated the carnet by checking the gear in with the United States Custom and Border Protection office at Tulsa International Airpot.
  • Wednesday, July 24 was an extremely early morning flight. After declaring my professional equipment at the immigration kiosk, I picked up my bags and checked them in with Canadian immigration and customs officials.
  • Friday, July 26 I had another early flight, and I had to use the after-hours access to check my gear out of Canada with an overnight customs official.. My bags were checked, a slight technical snafu with the baggage screening software delayed my security screening. U.S. CBP stamped my gear back into the country in the per-clearance area of the Vancouver airport. In Vancouver, you actually pre-clear U.S immigration and customs.

Flying with camera gear.

If you’re traveling with professional film equipment, always present your media credentials to the ticket counter. Almost all airlines offer discounted rates for media bags. You will not be eligible for the discount if you can’t provide media credentials.

The project: Data Connectors conference at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

Data Connectors holds multiple cyber security conferences across the United States and Canada.

On this trip, Data Connectors worked with Content Creators to highlight some of the talented Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and cyber security vendors.

Content Creators provided same day content of the conference for Data Connectors as well.

Data Connectors will use the content from the Vancouver trip to showcase their deep talent roster and highly-attended events.

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Tony Russell, Chief Creator of Content Creators, LLC with Brooke Howard, Sales and Conference Manager at Data Connectors.

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