It can be done: content shooting on an iPhone

ARAPAHO NATIONAL FOREST, Colo. — Content Creators’ founder Tony Russell recently took a trip to Colorado for a wedding celebration and a cabin overnight.

He recently shot, edited and published a quick video of the trip showing how just a few shots can turn any video into a social media content piece.

This video Russell created actually mirrors a real scenario most commercial and news groups face on a daily basis… adding video/audio shot from mobile devices.

With the advent of cloud storage services like Dropbox, WeTransfer and Google Drive , companies like Content Creators can easily download these client-generated videos to editing and publishing platforms.

Content Creators, also uses Apple’s proprietary services like AirDrop to quickly transfer videos and content obtained by an iPhone right to a Macbook Pro laptop or iMac desktop computer.

AirDrop is an easy way to transfer iPhone video content from the field without any quality loss.

Some shots to be converted/edited to fill the high-definition resolution parameters, which most news agencies deal with when eyewitnesses shoot video/pictures in vertical or portrait modes.

protrait mode edit
A photo shot in vertical is edited to fit the high-definition resolution.

Recommendations for clients or viewers sharing video to commercial production or news agencies.

  • Always attempt to shoot landscape or horizontal video. This won’t crop the image/video and help in the editing process to fill the entire screen with video.
  • Stay steady and wide. Don’t attempt digital zooms or walk. If you need to pan, do it slowly.
  • Shoot in 10 to 15 second bursts.
  • If shooting an interview, get close so the phone’s microphone can pickup the subject’s voice.
    • Try your best to observe the 10 to 15 second rule with mobile phone interviews. Shorter clips mean smaller files to transfer.
  • Try to keep your content under 20-30 clips.
  • Add all the video and pictures into one shared folder if using a cloud service to transfer.

Content Creators can provide edit client-created video, provide correspondents/reporters, field producers and video production services.

Call 918-280-8155 for booking or a quote.

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