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Project Update | KJRH-TV’s new documentary series

'Native America: The Road to Recovery' airs weekly on KJRH 2 Works For You in Tulsa.

‘Native America: The Road to Recovery’ airs weekly on KJRH 2 Works For You in Tulsa.

Left to right: Stephanie Hill, Executive Producer of Native America: The Road to Recovery with Camera Operator Kyle Short and Correspondent Tony Russell shooting a standup in Ottawa County, Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla — Content Creators Digital Media is working this year with KJRH-TV, the E.W. Scripps-owned NBC affiliate, in Tulsa to produce a series on the CARES Act and its roll out to Native American tribes in Oklahoma.

The series airs every Thursday night at 10 p.m. on KJRH 2 Works For You.

The CARES Act was a $3-trillion federal stimulus package aimed to provide American citizens, businesses and tribal nations aid during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

Oklahoma is home to 39 federally recognized tribes and received nearly $2-billion in federal CARES Act funds. These funds were tied directly to the federal stimulus passed by congress in March 2020.

As part of the Facebook Journalism Project funding, E.W. Scripps is using the funds to highlight the CARES Act rollout.

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma, said in a legislative forum update to the Tulsa Regional Chamber this week, the $8-billion appropriation in CARES Act funds to tribal nations was the largest transfer of federal dollars to tribes in history.

Production team setting up an interview location in Miami, Oklahoma with the Shawnee Tribe.

Content Creators is grateful for this opportunity to work with KJRH-TV and showcase these efforts being implemented by tribes in this region.