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Content Creators teams up with largest 3-day cycling event

Saint Francis Tulsa Tough is known locally and internationally as one of the biggest cycling events of the year.

TULSA, Okla. — Content Creators is hard at work creating several multimedia marketing deliverables for Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.

The June cycling event draws thousands of participants and racers to Tulsa, Oklahoma over a 3-day weekend.

Social media :15 targeted ad campaign

Keeping the “stoke level” to 100% before the June weekend criterium race and fondo series is our goal for this project.

Simple video stories that showcase the hype and excitement leading up to, during and after the event is what we’re aiming to win with this season.

Social media story showcasing the new jersey design and the start of the Spring 2022 cycling season.

Giving Saint Francis Tulsa Tough a voice

Content Creators joins a special team of website developers, ad content placement specialists and a copywriter to make this truly a homegrown marketing effort. These creators know and love the sport of cycling!

Direct services provided to the client:

  • Video production
  • Sports broadcast consulting
  • Animated graphics package creation
  • Brand awareness & imaging
  • Accounts receivable/payable

Let’s get you ready for your next event!

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